Our commitment

We care about our surrounding environment which we are going to leave for future generations. Having set ourselves ambitious goals in 2019 we selected environmental protection as one of the central axes of our sustainable agenda. This is how Telia’s Ambitious Environmental Goals were born which are now being implemented by the entire Telia Company group. We seek to involve our suppliers and partners in this sustainability journey.

Telia achievements

The most significant environmental aspects on which we focus on are as follows: energy consumption, waste, wastewater generated from operations, CO2 and other emissions, electromagnetic radiation, noise generated by equipment, use of raw materials for infrastructure development. Here are few examples:


Promotion of sustainability

We care for the environment we build ourselves just as we care about the behaviour of our partners and suppliers. Therefore, all suppliers working with Telia sign the Supplier Code of Ethics. The Code specifies the environmental standards which, if applied jointly, can help us achieve a real change.

In order to successfully integrate our environmental agenda into operations of our suppliers, partners or sub-contractors, we share with them our best practices, recommendations and tools. Additionally, we undertake inspections, participate in discussions, conferences, and projects.

More information can be found in our annual reports.