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The share capital of Telia Lietuva, AB, amounts to 168,957,810.02 euro and consists of 582,613,138 ordinary registered shares with a nominal value of 0.29 euro each.


One ordinary registered share of Telia Lietuva gives one vote at the General Meeting of Shareholders. The number of Telia Lietuva shares that provide voting rights during the General Meeting of Shareholders is 582,613,138.

Ordinary registered shares of Telia Lietuva (ISIN code LT0000123911) from 12 June 2000 are listed on the Main List of Nasdaq Vilnius stock exchange (code: TEL1L). Nasdaq Vilnius stock exchange is a home market for Teo shares.

In January 2011, the Company's ordinary shares were included into the trading lists of the Berlin Stock Exchange (Berlin Open Market called Freiverkehr), the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (Open Market (Freiverkehr)), the Munich Stock Exchange and the Stuttgart Stock Exchange. Telia Lietuva share's symbol on German stock exchanges is ZWS.

Telia Lietuva LEI code is 5299007A0LO7C2YYI075.

The main shareholder of Telia Lietuva is Telia Company AB (Sweden), a telecommunications operator, that provides telecommunication services in the Nordic and Baltic countries. Telia Company is the only shareholder having more that 5 per cent of the Company's shares and votes.

The number of shareholders on the day of the last General Meeting of Shareholders, which was held on 25 April 2018, was 11,083.


Shareholders of Telia Lietuva, AB as on 30 September 2018:

Shareholder Stake in share capital (%) Amount of votes (%)
Telia Company AB (Sweden)    88.15 88.15
Other shareholders 11.85 11.85

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