Telia Global Services Lithuania

Telia Global Services Lithuania

About us

Telia Global Services Lithuania is the first and sole Telia Company competency hub providing IT, Telco Networks, Analytics, Software Development, Procurement, HR, Finance Operations, and numerous other services to the group across Nordics and Baltics. Our specialists work with next-generation technologies, to ensure company’s digital ecosystem development across Nordics and Baltics.

Why Lithuania?

Established in 2017, the competency hub is a part of Telia Company’s long-term strategy to drive a more central approach towards parts of its operations. Being the sole telco competency hub in the country and within the region, Telia Global Services Lithuania can offer cutting-edge technology toolset to existing and potential employees.

What do we do?

Having a unique opportunity to operate in the market where Telia products are part of daily life for most of the society, employees can not only get to know the end-user of the products or services they’ve created but also evaluate the use of the solutions themselves.


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“In addition to IT, I have a passion for bikes. Here, similarly to IT, every little detail must be perfect for everything to work smoothly. The same goes to launching a new solution or a product – if you want to make sure that it’s the best you can offer you have put 120% of yourself in it,” Mindaugas, software developer at Telia Global Services Lithuania.