Daiva Kasperavičienė


Daiva Kasperavičienė (born in 1968)

Head of Legal and Corporate Affairs at Telia Lietuva, AB from 25 January 2019


  • Vilnius University (Lithuania), Law Master's degree (cum laude diploma) (1991)

Previous employment:

  • September 2018-January 2019 – Telia Lietuva, AB, Head of Privacy Office
  • October 2017-August 2018 – Telia Company, AB (Sweden), Brussels office, Senior Regulatory Counsel
  • May 2014-October 2017 – Telia Lietuva, AB, Business Legal Partner
  • February 2002-May 2014 – UAB Lintel (now – Telia Customer Service LT, UAB), Legal Counsel

She is not involved in activities of other entities

Daiva Kasperavičienė has no direct interest in the share capital of Telia Lietuva, AB and has no shareholdings that exceed 5 percent of the share capital of any company.