Planning and installation

Installation, configuration, management and user administration of SAP application servers and databases. IT infrastructure architecture, planning, implementation coordination, work with suppliers, equipment.



/Migration and modifications

Migration of SAP application servers and databases to SAP Hana, installation of upgrades. Transfer of the customer's existing SAP infrastructure to SAP certified Telia Lietuva data centers.


/Monitoring and management

Monitoring service configuration, backup maintenance, data recovery.


/Proactive management and insights

SAP infrastructure status analysis, recommendations, improvement plan development, increasing productivity and security, cost optimization, consultations on other SAP issues.


SAP infrastructure and architecture

Do you need to have your SAP infrastructure modified, because capacities of your current platform are no longer sufficient? Is your hardware or OS versions obsolete, or do you want to have your database updated? Our specialists can advise on all issues related to the installation and upgrade of SAP infrastructure.

Security and identification

Have you faced security challenges? Have too many "red lights" appeared in Early Watch reports? Our consultants can help with an analysis and offer specific actions for updating your business management system.

Availability and recovery

Are you worried that your SAP systems may break down any minute? Not sure if you will be able to recover SAP after an unforeseen incident? Are your worried that SAP systems do not have an ensured sufficient level of availability which you have promised to your customers and employees? Telia has hands-on experience with HA, backup and assurance of DR on both Hyper-V and vmWare platforms.

SAP migration

Telia has the best SAP migration experts in Lithuania. Migration project is not complex, but it requires experience and preparation. We have experience and we will help you to successfully prepare

Flexible hosting partnership


For SAP system to run smoothly, choosing an experienced SAP hosting partner is important, who can not only properly design, install and manage your SAP infrastructure, but also offer for your local system global-level alternatives that best meet your specific SAP needs.


So where SAP should be hosted?


Method of hosting What is it for? Benefits offered by Telia Why Telia?
Hosting in Telia data centre/ Private Cloud If you are already using an older generation SAP system, and transferring all processes to the next generation SAP is not yet possible due to complex configurations overgrown with “exceptions”, then moving servers to a Telia data center will ensure a safe and smooth operation. New SAP HANA solutions can be easily implemented with the Private Cloud service.
  • Certified SAP partner
  • Monitoring at all levels
  • Configuration Management Database (CMDB)
  • DR and HA between two geographically distant data centers (DC)
  • Backups
  • DC location – Lithuania
  • DC and access network – from a single source.
Our data centers for hosting SAP systems meet TIER III standards and have been thoroughly inspected by SAP auditors. They gave the highest score for our monitoring, CMDB, physical security, network security, DR and other areas ensuring data security. Moving the existing SAP servers to our DC is the easiest way to ensure the physical security of your SAP system and to implement reliable DR policies. You will always know where your servers are hosted and, if necessary, will be able to access DC when needed. More on Telia data centres.
„Enterprise Cloud“ If you are starting with a small-scale SAP, but are planning a rapid expansion (or, vice versa, have a SAP, but plan to reduce the scale of your business), TeliaCloud is the best choice for you. TeliaCloud is often combined with Private Cloud solutions (moving application-level servers to cloud).
  • Forecasted monthly expenses
  • SAP certified environment
  • 24x7 manufacturer support
  • SAP system resources depending on need
  • 3X faster installation
  • Integrated security management
Speed and flexibility are the most important IT infrastructure parameters today. They allow maintaining the best value for money by adapting to changing market conditions. Moreover, with a reduction of the overall support infrastructure, SAP maintenance costs decline significantly. Launching the entire SAP infrastructure in the Cloud environment may be up to 3 times faster than in a dedicated infrastructure. Certified environment prepared for use with top-level manufacturer's (Red Hat) support for hosting applications intended for Enterprise business. Don’t worry about any technical requirements for launching your SAP environment. We will take care of all this, and you will not have to worry about any compatibility issues. Using this environment, you will receive 24x7 support from Telia Lietuva and the manufacturer Red Hat for SAP applications. Automated monitoring of service SLA and proactive response to any noticed disruptions allows us ensuring that businesses can operate without any downtime. You will no longer have to plan SAP system capacity and quality parameters - you will get all this as needed. Get comprehensive infrastructure security from Telia Lietuva, a company, which not only assigns separate teams of specialists to ensure security, but also is constantly training, bringing a number of security challenges under control every day.
„Public Cloud“ („Microsoft Azure“) With year 2027 approaching, when SAP will discontinue support for old versions, upgrading is necessary. Migrating to the cloud is one of the most optimal solutions. As there is no Public Cloud data center in Lithuania, we recommend using Azure for SAP system development, operations and testing due to a smoother data transfer and lower monthly costs.
  • SAP certified servers
  • Microsoft Gold partnership
  • Express Route with Telia
  • Cloud Connect
  • Adapted for SAP S/4Hana
  • Unlimited flexibility
  • Globality
We are Microsoft Gold-level partners and help customers to distribute IT resource loads as efficiently as possible using a hybrid cloud. Telia can select the right Azure resources, activate, manage them and monitor the status of systems using hybrid management tools. We will ensure that your SAP operates stably in the Azure environment, resources are used efficiently, and we will include the service fee in a single Telia invoice. We are the only partner in Lithuania managing relations between users and Azure data centres from the beginning to the end.



We are the top-level partners with server manufacturers, whose equipment is adapted for SAP infrastructure (including HP Enterprise, IBM, Lenovo, Dell, Huawei), in Lithuania. We are ready not only to choose equipment that ensures the best performance, but also to offer flexible conditions for its purchase.





We can offer all the software necessary to ensure SAP infrastructure: Linux RedHat for SAP, Microsoft, Veeam and others. Our partner SAP Lietuva will help you to choose SAP licenses and to purchase them.

Installation of SAP infrastructure

The success of the installation of IT system always depends on the selected partner and its experience. SAP systems are no exception. Typically, the installation of a SAP system consists of:

  • the analysis of requirements
  • design
  • technological installation
  • quality assurance (testing)
  • planning of the start of work
  • employee training
  • preparation of operational SAP system activities for continuous monitoring.

We are ready:

  • to prepare technical requirements (including the selection of equipment performance)
  • to provide you with a professional SAP implementation project management
  • to provide you with SAP technology advice
  • to ensure professional DR management and tests for you.

What is SAP S/4 HANA?

It is a new suite of SAP business applications designed to help you to develop your business even more efficiently in the digital world. Faster business processes will not only improve the level of customer service, but also reduce operating costs. Moreover, your business will receive analytical information in real time; the insights generated on the basis of such information will leave your competitors way behind.

If you have already chosen SAP S / 4HANA, Telia data centers are ready to host SAP HANA data repositories, and a team of specialists with many years of experience in SAP HANA migration and deployment projects is looking forward to contributing to your success story.

The SAP S / 4HANA suite consists of an advanced database operating on the basis of the in-memory principle, which is managed using the modern SAP Fiori user interface. Moreover, the SAP S / 4HANA architecture is simpler, which allows cutting down administrative costs. On the other hand, the maintenance of this business management system of a new version requires knowledge and special hardware.


Extensive experience

  • We performed the first large-scale migration to the SAP HANA in the Baltic States (in 2015)
  • We are the only ones in the Baltic States to have the SAP HANA Operations certificate. Its scope of certification is equivalent to ISO certification.


Which method of migration should you choose:

Our experienced experts are ready to help you to make decisions and to implement them. We have time-tested templates and tools, so your move to SAP S / 4HANA will be fast and safe.

Once you are ready to migrate to SAP S / 4HANA, you will have to choose from the following:

  • A completely new deployment, including a detailed analysis stage
  • Installation keeping the existing processes
  • Intermediate model.

You will also have to decide if you will need help of a partner in both planning and implementing the migration.

SAP system maintenance

We are ready to both fully take over the maintenance of your SAP system and provide a hybrid solution when you perform daily maintenance of SAP yourself, while our specialists are there to help you when needed for more complex tasks. Telia team members are experts of the entire SAP ecosystem: from hardware maintenance, SAP Basis maintenance, SAP security management to SAP HANA database maintenance.



Databases, OS and Workstations, Security, Recovery, Backups, DDoS Protection, Antivirus, Access Right Management, Security Audit, Monitoring.


Telia is SAP certified in the areas of HANA operations, Cloud Operations and SAP Hosting. SAP regularly inspects us for compliance with stringent standards. Therefore, we are proficient in anticipating, diagnosing and addressing SAP challenges to keep your SAP environment running safely and reliably.


Maintenance of SAP systems requires high qualifications, high competence, many years of experience and an understanding of the impact of each change on the business. Therefore, we are constantly improving the service:

  • Clearly defining the scope of its elements
  • Looking for ways to reduce the time needed to complete each task
  • Automating standard tasks
  • Improving the most accurate inquiry identification from the first step
  • Moving frequent and low-impact tasks to standard operations
  • Giving more time to highly qualified specialists to deepen their knowledge and train in solving the most difficult tasks.


Maintenance service elements

Service As needed Comprehensive Exclusive
Installation of SAP software and elements                  +    
Inquiry management (Service Desk)        +          + +
Hardware maintenance            + +
Maintenance of Basis and Middleware software            + +
Operating system maintenance            + +
Repository maintenance            +        +
Database maintenance            +        +
Backups            +        +
Ensuring the functioning of SAP applications            +        +
Problem solving            +        +
Incident management and escalation            +        +
Monitoring and management of performance parameters        +          +        +
Monitoring            +        +
Dedicated contact person            +
Periodic Service Review            +
Bug fixes / improvements        +          +        +
Installation of add-ons        +          +        +
Incident management tests            +        +
Solution Manager management        +          +
Training for SAP administrators        +    
Service Level Agreements (SLA)      9x5       24x7     24x7