IT outsourcing


IT outsourcing solution is the transfer of all types of IT system functions or just some of them to the service provider. Our solution includes several key services: system management and desktop management, the entire data centre infrastructure, development and software solutions. The main aim of the solution is that everything is performed not by the company's IT department or specialists but by Telia specialising in this field.

Companies choosing the IT outsourcing solution avoid risks becausewe ensure that the systems will operate without interruption and the required number of professionals will always be engaged, the equipment will be sufficient and projects are completed on time.

Customers are able to manage their costs. They do not invest in IT and do not buy equipment and do not need to train professionals, but always know the service costs over a period of time, such as a month or a year.

Telia consistently invests in equipment, personnel expertise, procedure development and is engaged in increasingly complex projects every year. Experience shows that the IT outsourcing solution reduces IT costs by 40% and the services are provided more effectively in the long run. We adapt to the customer's business and gradually begins to work as a single mechanism.

Telia Lietuva is located in Lithuania, which is a neighbour to both the Eastern and Central European countries and has a strong working relationship with our partners in Scandinavia. The Company's experts communicate with customers in English, and Russian, our collaborative tradition, mentality and time is acceptable for both Eastern and Western customers. The regions are also linked with a good communications infrastructure – the Internet speed in Lithuania is one of the fastest in the world.

Benefits for your business:

  • The systems operate continuously. When the IT systems are designed, installed, managed or intend back the IT services company, to ensure the continuous implementation of all tasks. Telia has the necessary resources at any time: experienced professionals, experience, equipment and solutions.
  • Risk management. When implementing a sophisticated IT system or performing a continuing project you do not need to hire professionals with specialized knowledge and experience or have to take care of their qualification – we use our experience and knowledge. The IT services provider will take command of part or all of the tasks in the IT field and ensure that the project is implemented in time, and the system will perform smoothly.
  • Cost management. You will always know the cost of each service, the costs you will have to allocate for a specific project or a period of time.
  • Increase of efficiency. Telia can manage both complex projects and perform routine IT department functions. This way, the customer specialists can implement value-generating projects and avoid system maintenance or other added-value generating jobs.
  • Test without investing. Ability to test solutions without investing in hardware – when the resources are no longer necessary, the service may be returned.
  • No worries. You will no longer need to replace hardware periodically or dispose of obsolete equipment, buy licenses, or take care of the warranty service or failures. We continuously invest in new hardware and solutions which ensures lower service costs.