IT equipment

Telia Lietuva partners with global software, hardware manufacturers and suppliers.
The company is a certified Partner of Microsoft, IBM, HP, Cisco, Oracle, VMware, SAP, and therefore is in a  position to contribute to buy or rent  up-to-date equipment at the best possible  prices. Companies leasing software avoid the initial investment costs and the costs are distributed over several years.
Telia software will be selected by qualified IT professionals.

We offer to rent or to buy the hardware and software for business operations. We are competent in selecting the hardware and software for data centres, desktops, printing infrastructures.

One of the biggest advantages of equipment lease is the possibility of even distribution of the IT infrastructure funds.For example, a company acquiring rather than renting hardware and software must immediately invest a lot of money on solutions that become less effective already in a couple of years. Often, a company choosing this type of scenario, after several years ends up using an outdated IT infrastructure, but has to wait until the funds are allocated for equipment upgrade in the budget.

Meanwhile, companies choosing the rent of IT resources invest consistently – they pay an agreed monthly fee which, with the changing needs of the company, may be increased or reduced. In addition, only the latest hardware and software is offered for companies choosing the Telia equipment rental.