Telia’s innovations: the hybrid-type Internet and cloud computing

Telia Lietuva is strengthening its own and the country’s technological leadership by integrating IT, mobile and fixed-line communication technologies into a single, all-encompassing network. Barely a month after the merger of Teo and Omnitel, they have presented a unique hybrid-type Internet service in Lithuania which has no analogues in the region and which was created by integrating copper access with the fastest 4G mobile Internet covering the whole country. The “Telia Cloud” service, which has been presented to businesses, is one of the first OpenStack-based cloud computing services in the Nordic region.

Lithuania undoubtedly becomes one of the most interesting markets for telecommunications services in the world. The advanced communications technologies and the well-developed infrastructure of Telia help create innovative solutions for people and businesses. One of them is the hybrid-type Internet. The principle of its operation is based on a copper xDSL access connection with a router for unlimited 4G mobile Internet.

“We have integrated the best features of copper broadband Internet access and mobile communication into a single service – the hybrid-type Internet. In places where fiber-optic access is currently not yet available, while people still have a need for a stable and fast Internet connection, with the hybrid-type service we will ensure the speed of even up to 100 Mbps. For home users, this speed will be sufficient for both smart TV (IPTV) and fast browsing on different devices, while for companies it will provide more speed and will guarantee reliable operation of the Internet when it is most needed”, – Andrius Šemeškevičius, Head of Technology at Telia, says.

The hybrid-type Internet allows high-quality provision of IPTV services even in the areas that are remotely located from major cities. The fixed-line Internet provides stability for the service, while the mobile Internet – extra speed.

Lithuania is the third country in the world after Germany and Belgium to have commercially launched the hybrid-type Internet. Currently, this service is available for subscription to residential customers, and in the near future – to businesses.

An exclusive solution for business – “Telia Cloud”

Telia has fulfilled its promises by introducing the latest cloud solution for business. “Telia Cloud” will allow businesses to manage their IT resources in a flexible manner and pay only as much as needed at a particular time. The “Telia Cloud” service, which has been presented to businesses, is one of the first OpenStack-based cloud computing services in the Nordic region.

“This cloud solution is an alternative for businesses that are considering whether or not it is worth investing in the development of their own IT infrastructure. For the vast majority of companies, it is not worth to do that because they can get greater flexibility and functionality at a better price by choosing “Telia Cloud”. In addition, all “Telia Cloud” solutions are provided at the highest speed in the market”, – A. Šemeškevičius notes.

“Telia Cloud” is an open-source API platform that allows the individual management and intelligent creation of desired functionalities. Companies opting for this solution will free themselves not only from one-time expenses for servers, but also from maintenance expenses for electricity, a system support-related team and its work, and maintaining expensive IT competencies within the company.

The new “Telia Cloud” cloud solution gives the possibility to provide open-source Platform as a Service (PaaS) cloud services and offers a variety of applications. With “Telia Cloud” businesses no longer need to develop and deploy their own systems from scratch, because they can use the templates prepared by Telia, while system micro-services such as “Storage as a Service”, “Database as a Service”, “Desktop as a Service” and other services can help them do everything easier and in better quality.

Telia provides its cloud computing service by using one of the most secure data centers in the Baltic Sea region that is certified according to TIER III security standards. This allows achieving 99.95 per cent reliability of the service and guarantees emergency restoration of the systems.

Telia Lietuva has developed its new “Telia Cloud” platform together with partners such as Huawei, Intel, Mirantis and Talligent.