Support for Ukraine

In May, mobile prices between Ukraine and Lithuania will be almost four times lower and mobile data in Ukraine will be cheaper than the regulated pricing between EU operators. 

In addition, the company has been continuously looking for ways to help businesses and NGOs moving to Lithuania. Staff empowerment activities, including provision of information on support and volunteering, have been also performed. Presently, Telia’s support to Ukraine has exceeded EUR 300,000.

Further reduced prices

From 24 February to 31 March, Telia provided all communication services to Ukraine free of charge. For the services provided in more than a month, the Ukrainian operators received more than EUR 200,000. In April, all services were provided with 80% discount.

From 2 May, a call to Ukraine will cost EUR 0.06/min and a text message (SMS) – EUR 0.08/ea. This is four times cheaper than standard rates. For wireline customers, a call to Ukraine will cost EUR 0.104/min instead of EUR 0.52/min.

A roaming minute in Ukraine for calls to Lithuania will cost EUR 0.085 and EUR 0.005 for an SMS. Mobile data roaming will cost around EUR 2 per 1 GB.

The new pricing will apply to all private and business Telia customers, including users of pre-paid payment services Ežys and Extra. Telia’s customers in Ukraine will be further able to call, send SMS and surf the internet for free.

Since the very beginning of the war in Ukraine, all Telia TV customers have been provided with a free access to international news and information channels.

Free SIM cards to refugees from Ukraine

Telia tries to ensure that war refugees arriving in Lithuania have the opportunity to stay in touch with their relatives. Every refugee from Ukraine can get a free pre-paid card Ežys. They are distributed in all refugee coordination centres in Lithuania.

The cards are available in the following centres:

  • in Alytus – at the address Pramonės g. 1B
  • in Marijampolė – at the address Parko g. 9
  • in Klaipėda – at the address Paryžiaus Komunos g. 16A
  • in Šiauliai – at the address Jablonskio g. 16
  • in Vilnius – at the address Minties g. 3

SIM cards Ežys can also be obtained free of charge at any Telia shop in Lithuania upon presentation of a Ukrainian passport. 

Helping Ukrainian businesses which move to Lithuania

Since 1 March, Telia has not charged the Ukrainian businesses in Lithuania installation, activation and administrative fees for all of its telecommunication services, including fixed internet, telephony and mobile services. Besides, no monthly fees for mobile telephony, mobile internet, the Microsoft 365 service package, Telia Cloud computing and call centre services will be charged for the period of six months.

Businesses are provided with the opportunity to pay wholesale prices for international calls for up to six months. Telia also provides businesses with consultations on IT infrastructure migration.

Partnership with NGOs

Since the start of the Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, Telia has been actively cooperating with the refugee registration centres, different NGOs and volunteers who work there.  

Up to date, Telia has provided the following support:

  • 200 mobile phones and five laptops have been donated to the non-governmental organisation Stiprūs Kartu (Strong Together).
  • The Lithuanian Red Cross organisation has been given 80 vehicle first aid kits, 400 litres of disinfectant liquid and 18 used mobile phones.
  • The Lithuanian Red Cross Society has been also provided with financial support.
  • Eight short numbers and their helplines and an interactive answering service have been provided free of charge.
  • All refugee registration centres received TV screens (11, in total), part of them have already been streaming Telia TV channels. Volunteers who work in those centres have been provided with 25 computers with software.
  • Telia internet connection has been installed in registration centres operating in Vilnius, Marijampolė, Klaipėda, Šiauliai and Panevėžys.
  • The Ukrainian Refugee Coordination Centre has been provided with fibre optic internet and security solutions which will be provided free of charge for 12 months from the date of their installation.

For more details, visit the nearest Telia showroom, the website or call at 1816 (when calling from a foreign country or another operator, dial +370 6418 1816).

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