IP Transit


Telia Lithuania has the widest Internet network in the Baltic countries. Telia Lithuania uses the most advanced optical networking technology and smart networking configurations to provide to carriers and Internet service providers wholesale IP Transit and Peering services.

Why this service can be useful to you?
Telia Lithuania IP Transit Service offers carriers and Internet service providers upstream Internet connectivity to all worldwide domains connected in Europe, America and Asia. Telia Lithuania uses the most advanced optical networking technology and smart networking configurations to ensure you receive the highest performance levels.
Telia Lithuania gives you the opportunity to use the clear Internet circuit to create your own Internet services and sell them on the retail Internet market. One of additional advantages of the Internet Transit Service is the opportunity to route the traffic to the all of Lithuanian ISPs via Telia Lithuania private peering connections.
Telia Lithuania‘s end-to-end optical network consists of multiple metro IP-over-WDM fiber rings located throughout Lithuania. Telia Lithuania‘s network provides each building up to 1Gbit/s or data center with up to 10 Gbit/s of dedicated bandwidth. Layer 3 edge routers in each building are connected to Layer 3 core routers over two diverse optical paths. These core routers are tied together with an international backbone network consisting of multiple 10 Gbit/s DWDM optical links. With a currently implemented capacity of up to 60 Gbit/s, Telia Lithuania‘s international IP capacity is the largest in Lithuania.
There are no fixed tariffs - we will work out optimal schemes of connections and payment based upon your needs.
Service features and benefits

  • Clear permanent connection on non-overbooking basis
  • High service quality:

                 o   availability > 99%;
                 o   redundant routes of Internet backbone;
                 o   ability to choose redundancy connection.

  • Monitoring & fault handling:

                 o   24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year;
                 o   four SLA levels,

  • Flexibility:

                 o   you're free to choose any bandwidth from 1Mbps to 10 Mbps and higher;
                 o   the access circuit should be established between the customer and Telia Lithuania via our own or our partners' networks.

How to order?

In case of interest in our service, please drop us a message to carrierservices@telia.lt