Telia Lithuania has the largest network in the Lithuania in terms of the number of peers with which it works. Telia Lithuania executes a combinative peering strategy as part of providing its robust 100 Mbps and 1,000 Mbps Internet access services. The strategy is a combination of two separate, yet inter-related initiatives: extensive private peering and numerous public peering agreements.


Public Peering


Telia Lithuania has contracted for service with two public peering points for exchange of traffic. Telia Lithuania has multiple connections at each of its peering locations, ranging in size from STM-1 to multiple Gig-Es. This architecture allows Telia Lithuania to efficiently exchange a maximum amount of Internet-bound traffic with a high degree of redundancy.

Here you could find Telia Lithuania:

AMSIX   (Amsterdam, NL)
DECIX   (Frankfurt, DE)


Private Peering

Telia Lithuania has pre-negotiated a number of arrangements with third parties who have agreed to exchange traffic with Telia Lithuania. Over 60% of Telia Lithuania's traffic goes across private peering connections. These agreements provide Telia Lithuania customers' traffic with a more direct route to its destination, thereby improving their experience on the Internet.


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