Leased Lines and Circuits


Leased lines and circuits - dedicated, bit transparent digital circuit with very high reliability and quality of service guaranteed by SDH/DWDM network platforms without additional protocol.

In Lithuania, the service is provided using Telia Lithuania's own fiber network, which can be extended via international connections with partners' networks to any other location worldwide.


Service Features

  • SDH and DXX networks and modern equipment within Telia Lithuania backbone and between Telia Lithuania PoPs;
  • Wide capabilities of Telia Lithuania's own backbone network;
  • High quality of service in compliance with international standards;
  • Ability to transfer any type of data: voice, data, text, multimedia;
  • Wide range of capacities (from 64 kbps up to N x 64 kbps - 10 Gbps and higher) and interfaces: V.35, G.703, G.704, G.957, etc;
  • Capacity upgrades on the provider's demand;
  • Security (it is not a switched line and packets are not being analysed);
  • Reservation of a line on demand;
  • Agreed bandwidth;
  • Network support services with 24 hours * 7 days * 365 days access to NMC, with the staff speaking English and Russian

We also support the One Stop Shopping (OSS) model.


How to order?

In case of interest in our service, please drop us a message to