MPLS - unified MPLS network, realised using Telia Lithuania's own network and our reliable partners' networks.


Why this service can be useful to you?

  • It allows you to connect geographically distributed offices and branches in Lithuania and other countries (using our or our partner's network) while allowing to exchange data between them safely and operatively.
  • It allows you to connect a virtually unlimited amount of branches to one common network, which can be easily upgraded or scaled upon the provider's or client's demand.
  • It allows you to choose and allocate individual bandwidths for each branch or connected division - higher bandwidth and throughput for a bigger division and lower - for a smaller one.
  • It is useful if you have partners or divisions within the Baltic States or outside them and you want to connect their databases or make them work together efficiently.

Service features and benefits

High service quality:

  • accessibility up to 99.9 percent
  • four types of SLA
  • dedicated monitoring and controlling of the network

Our foreign partners are market leaders and experienced players in their countries locally:

  • having their own IP MPLS backbones;
  • having their own access networks;
  • having huge experience in providing VPN MPLS service for corporate customers


  • you're free to choose any bandwidth from 1Mbps to 10 Mbps and higher;
  • ability to choose bandwidth of international MPLS gateways;
  • ability to choose gateway reservation.

Network support services with 24 hours * 7 days * 365 days access to NMC, with the staff speaking English and Russian


How to order?


In case of interest in our service, please drop us a message to