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Our pops

We can help you reach your customer in Lithuania or in any of our partners locations

Telia Lietuva (former TEO) Data Services

National telecommunications market leader that operates the largest mobile and fixed networks in Lithuania
and all data services provider in Baltic region.

Telia Lithuania uses the most advanced optical networking technology and smart networking configurations to provide to carriers and Internet service providers wholesale IP Transit and Peering services.
We provide a modern (MEF certified) point to point L2 Ethernet product with end to end quality of service up to 100Gbs capacity. Unified MPLS network, realized using Telia Lithuania's own network and our reliable partners' networks.
Dedicated, bit transparent digital circuit with very high reliability and quality of service guaranteed by SDH/DWDM network platforms without additional protocol. The shortest route to connect East and West Europe, an alternative route to reach Nordic countries, Kaliningrad district, Belarus.
A technologically modern environment for clients' equipment, installed according to the highest requirements. You can order a whole room, a place or a rack. Tier3 certified.


How to order?

In case of interest in our service, please drop us a message to
Email: carrierservices@telia.lt