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What is Azure?

Azure is a cloud computing platform designed for companies willing to gain competitive advantage through innovation. If you need a reliable platform to run your critical infrastructure, Microsoft Azure is the perfect choice. Use it for developing and testing applications, storing, or analysing large amounts of data and only pay for the services you use. This platform is highly reliable and is a good value for money: as many as 95% of Fortune 500 companies choose Azure.

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With Microsoft Azure cloud computing platform services, your business can gain
a strategic advantage and be one step ahead of its competitors.


Telia's team of experts is ready to help you every step of the way: thoroughly analyse and understand your needs, select, and present the best solutions. And most importantly, always be there whenever you may need them to help you achieve your business goals without any disruption.

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We will select a solution for you

After assessing your existing IT infrastructure and your business needs, we'll identify the components that are worth improving and developing with Microsoft Azure public or hybrid cloud computing services. Based on your business objectives, we'll select the most appropriate Azure services that will deliver long-term benefits.


We will tailor your architecture

Based on your business specifics, operational requirements, and Azure best practices, we'll tailor your IT infrastructure to work seamlessly in Azure or hybrid cloud.

Migration of systems

We'll help you set up a hybrid infrastructure or move to the Azure cloud seamlessly and without any disruption. Our experienced and certified experts will analyse the situation, design a systems’ migration project and implement it from the first step to the last.

We will support and optimise

We understand how important it is for businesses to keep critical systems running. We'll carefully coordinate the terms and scope of our maintenance services and provide monitoring and support 24/7. An experienced team of administrators will regularly provide improvement suggestions to help you optimise your Azure cloud environments in key areas such as reliability, security, performance, pricing, and operational efficiency.


Most frequently asked questions

To get the most out of cloud computing, it's important to choose an ambitious partner who is ready and willing to drive the adoption of innovative cloud computing technologies. A partner who understands the importance of keeping systems running smoothly, able to help every step of the way and select the best solutions from a wide range of services. Telia's experienced team of experts is ready to help you every step of the way: to thoroughly analyse and understand your needs, to select and clearly present the best solutions. And, above all, to be there whenever you may need us to help you achieve your business goals without any disruption.
Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services are the two largest public cloud computing providers in the world. Both platforms share common elements of public cloud computing services such as self-service, identity access management features, security features, autoscaling, pricing principles and more. Azure is an excellent choice when it comes to hybrid cloud computing solutions. It integrates easily with Microsoft products, while AWS is focused on open-source applications and has more flexibility. The final choice, therefore, depends on the organisation's requirements and objectives. Let’s meet and discuss.
One use of Microsoft Azure is to store backups at a remote location. Regardless of the location of your information systems, the Azure Backup service will help you centralise the management of your entire backup process. With Azure Backup reports, you'll see all the information you need about your backup sessions in one place. And, most importantly, in the event of an incident at your primary location, you can always be confident that the Azure platform has sufficient resources to restore your business systems. Talk to Telia experts about storing backups on the Microsoft Azure platform and other uses.
Yes, you will be able to track and manage costs on the Microsoft Azure platform. You will have the ability to view aggregated spending broken down by organisation to understand where you spend the most and identify spending trends. You'll also be able to see historical data that will enable you to compare monthly, quarterly or even annual spending trends to the budget. Budgeting will help you plan and do the financial reporting in your organisation. It will also help you to avoid exceeding your spending limits. Microsoft Azure will provide recommendations on how to optimise and target your available resources or suggest cheaper options. In case you use external systems for your costs management, you can easily export data from Azure by setting up a daily routine export in CSV format.

Azure is a cloud computing platform with more than 60 physical locations around the world, featuring 200+ products and services designed to help you solve today's challenges and create solutions to change the future. Take advantage of Microsoft Azure:

  • productivity – less time on infrastructure maintenance, more focus on business needs and information systems’ development;
  • speed – new services are easily activated in the self-service portal, avoiding the cost of installation and maintenance of new components in your own infrastructure;
  • flexibility – tailoring your IT infrastructure resources to your business needs; global reach – hosting applications closer to your customers;
  • costs – only activated services that benefit the business are charged.

Contact Telia to discuss how you can make the most of the latest Azure technology solutions to design, install and manage your software solutions.

Yes, one of the best reasons to use Azure for your applications and services is to take advantage of the built-in security tools and capabilities. Azure's built-in security tools and capabilities help you build secure solutions on the trusted Azure cloud computing platform. Microsoft Azure places great emphasis on ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, availability, and clear accountability of customer data to all customers on the cloud computing platform. Contact Telia to learn more about Azure's security services to help meet your business security needs and protect users, devices, resources, data, and applications in the cloud.
No, Azure supports open-source technologies, so you can use the tools and technologies you want. You can choose your preferred programming language, be it .NET, .NET Core, Java, Ruby, Node.js, PHP or Python. Applications are easy to install and configure in both Windows and Linux environments.