Our story


Today we bring together fixed and mobile communications, smart TV and smart phones, IT solutions for business and mobile network leadership, content with things, people with ideas and opportunities with life.

We speak the language of future technologies. It means communication anywhere and anytime. From the living room to home office, from Parnidis Dune to Medininkai Castle, whatever the technology is. We are the network of everything.

Technologies are rapidly changing the world. Borderlines between “real” and “virtual” are burring. Therefore, we also change in order to be the ones you need: adapting to your personality, to your tastes, to your terms and creating more life for you. 

Services based on one technology are already history, because mobile connectivity would not exist without fibre optic connection, Cloud Computing – without safe data centres, the Internet of Things – without radio frequencies. This new reality needs even greater internet speed, even more gigabits and even more attention for each customer. One gigabit per second for all – it’s real and we are heading towards this.

Already today we have all conditions for being among the first in Europe to introduce 5G connectivity. We are planning that in a few years 5G network will enable creating digital environment of a brand new quality. And this means a technological revolution in business, home and working environment, health care and environmental protection, education and agriculture.

Yes, technologies inspire and drive us. But at the same time Telia is a company of people to people. We have our face and character – like our customers. And we want to provide equal opportunities for everybody to be a part of this digital world, to develop a society where progress is measured in gigabits, to act bravely, carefully and easily.

Welcome to Telia!