Tomas Balžekas


Tomas Balžekas (born in 1977)

Independent member of the Board of Telia Lietuva since 25 April 2018, re-elected for two-years' term on 26 April 2019 (as independent member of the Board nominated by Telia Company AB that has 88.15 per cent of Telia Lietuva share capital and votes), member of the Audit Committee


  • Concordia University Wisconsin (U.S.A.), Master of Business Administration (MBA), Finance
  • Concordia University Wisconsin (U.S.A.), Bachelor of International Business
  • Concordia International University Estonia, Bachelor of International Business

Employment: UAB Media Bitės (Lithuania), General Manager (CEO)

Involvement in activities of other entities:

  • UAB Media Bitės (Lithuania), shareholder (51 per cent)
  • UAB Mano Daktaras (Lithuania), a subsidiary of UAB Media Bitės, General Manager (CEO)
  • UAB Balžeko Bitės (Lithuania), shareholder (100 per cent) 
  • UAB InsurTech Solutions (Lithuania), shareholder (18 per cent)
  • VšĮ Kino Pasaka (Lithuania), founder and owner (50 per cent) 
  • VšĮ Tiriamosios Žurnalistikos Centras (Lithuania), owner (100 per cent) 
  • VšĮ Lietuvos Nacionalinis Radijas ir Televizija (Lithuanian National Radio and Television), member of the Council

Tomas Balžekas has no direct interest in the share capital of Telia Lietuva